Who is Zane Legends?

Zane Legends is a fictional character created as a writing exercise. The basic idea is to choose a random genre, setting, and secondary character; then write a short story about Zane Legends, using those criteria, in under an hour.

The purpose of this writing exercise is to get you to write a short story, and finish it. The criteria may seem limiting at first, but they are actually there to increase your creativity. The idea is to get you to try new things that may be outside of your usual writing comfort zone.

Rules for Writing

If you want to write a Zane Legends story, you should try to follow the rules below. These rules are to give direction and help increase your creativity. Try not to think of the rules as limitations, instead think of them as a way to help you write a story.

  1. You must use the same opening for each Zane story.
    Some people have a knack for finding strange things. Strange things always seem to find Zane Legends.
    You should always start with this opening, and you should even type it out, don't copy and paste! This allows you to get your fingers on the keyboard and start writing. Once you finish this opening, don't stop! Let the story flow.
  2. You must keep the criteria you are given.
    Don't reroll to get criteria that you like better! Part of this exercise is to break out of your preferred writing style and try something new.
  3. You must incorporate the criteria into the story.
    You don't have to necessarily make the criteria the central part of your story, but they should be important in some way. You are not allowed to leave one out just because you don't like it. Again, this is about stretching your limits. See the information about the criteria below.
  4. Do not write for more than 60 minutes.
    You may be tempted to write for longer than that, but don't do it! Part of this exercise is to start and finish a story within a time period. You may discover that your story has started down a path that makes it hard to finish, but finish it anyway! You might be surprised how difficult this can be.
  5. Limit yourself to 1500 words.
    As with the time limit, this is to encourage you to write and finish a complete story. Don't allow yourself to go over, this is part of the challenge!
  6. Include some of Zane's character traits.
    This rule isn't as important, but it helps keep all of the adventures of Zane Legends feeling like they describe the same character. See the list below.

Story Criteria


Genres are things like Fantasy, Mystery, or Romance. The genre will determine the general theme of the story you write. Some genres may overlap, for example, it's certainly possible to have a romantic fantasy. This website will only give you one genre, so you can of course choose another to go along if needed.


Examples of settings are "on a beach", "at night", and "underground". These generally serve as a location or situation for your story. You aren't required to use the setting for the entire story, and you can have Zane go to other places. However, the chosen setting should be an important part of the story.


A secondary character could be a doctor, a political figure, or a thief. This is a character that should feature prominently in the story. This character should be included, but you are not limited to just this one character. Just remember that you only have a limited amount of time and words, so don't introduce too many characters or you won't finish the story!

Traits of Zane Legends

Ready to Write?

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