By: Ninja_Goose

Some people have a knack for finding strange things. Strange things always seem to find Zane Legends.

"Wow." He looked out the window and began to write. Strangely, the little ticks of the rain hitting the window seemed to line up with his pen strokes. He didn't really want to write, but Carol said he should try to do something creative. He didn't want to poke and shuffle through the overfull cabinet that holds the half filled pens and markers that his children abuse... He of course feels like his writings should be meaningful and have a deeper meaning than just writing down his current thoughts but he's not feeling it. There was something missing definitely. Well, other than the happiness that his wife brought him of course. He ripped the paper just thinking about the unfairness of death and collapsed onto the paper and wept, mixing the ink and warm salty tears. He hated himself for it, and this. Why couldn't he save her? He had saved hundreds of other people he didn't even know with much more serious health conditions, but not his own wife? He shook his head and slowly stood. He used to be happy but now there seemed to be no point. He begrudgingly went to get some coffee and ignored himself tugging and pulling to go into her room, just once more.

The coffee was spiked of course, it was almost an involuntary action. When he turned to go back to writing, or at least to just sit down and enjoy his coffee, he felt weightless for a second. Confused, he looked down and his natural instincts kicked in, sending the sharp pain of adrenaline through his body as it fell to the ground. His favorite mug went flying and smashed into the wall, spraying coffee and bits of plaster all over. He swore as his face smacked into the carpeted floor and his glasses fell off. Sitting for a moment to collect his thoughts and breath, Zane looked back at the culprit, a god damned marker one of his children must've left on the ground. Today was not his day.

Once he determined that the carpet was sufficiently cleaned and all the markers around the house were put away, he turned to return to his couch when he heard a sound. He simply ignored it, thinking nothing of such a simple and minor sound. Trying to put back the cabinet, his back started to twinge and his knees locked up and he stopped, only to hear the same sound again. This time, however, he turned around only to see a whiff of movement around the other door. The same pulse of adrenaline as before rushed through his body but curiosity fueled him. He slowly entered the other room and turned the corner.

"Hi daddy! Do you wanna play hide and seek?" Jane asked with wide, pleading eyes.

Zane simply sighed, relaxing and responding "Not right now sweetheart. What are you doing down here with the lights off?"

"I'm playing hide and seek with mommy!"

Zane had never felt so strange, he felt as if time had stopped as he looked down at his innocently happy child. He had never noticed that her dress was covered in the dry blood of his long-dead wife. He never noticed the maggots crawling in her hair and he had never noticed the living corpse standing behind his child. He had never noticed any of that, until now. These would be the last things he ever noticed before the cold embrace of death seized him. Or rather, the cold decaying hands of his previously dead wife.

Genre: Drama
Setting: At home
Character: Doctor