The last horse on earth.

By: Trashtalk

Some people have a knack for finding strange things, strange things always seem to find Zane Legends.

And while he was walking towards the small village in the distance he reminded himself that yet again this statement held true. He never looked for trouble, neither did he think his life was boring. Still, he found himself in the Great planes of Mongolia, in the defenition of nowhere. As he walked closer to the village he reminded himself why exactly he came to this place. He came to rescue the last horse on earth.

When he arrived in the village he noticed that it wasn't completely desserted. Very old lightbulbs gave the necessary light to keep working as the sun was slowly setting. He saw some solar penals but assumed that most of the electricity needed for the village was being generated by simple steamengines. This part of the earth seemed completely forgotten by the tech which has influenced so much of the developed world.

"Nice scar!" Zane woke up out of his thoughts and looked in the direction of the sound and saw a tiny girl. Almost out of reflex Zane started explaining: "Yes, that actually has quite an interesting story behind it..."

"Yeah, I don't really care. What are you doing here? You look like one of those spacesuits."

"Seems like you have a lot of questions," Zane replied looking down on her "but I don't think you need to know that."

"I could call mom"

This could get out of hand, thought Zane, I should get the horse and make a break for it.

"I'm just here for the horse" Zane nervously replied.

The little girl grinned and shouted: "Mom! A man wants to see the horse!"

Zane rolled with his eyes and hoped that this would be over quickly.

Eventually a women showed up. Zane immediatly noticed a shotgun she had casually hung over her shoulder. When she stood before Zane she started talking. All the while she looked him directly in the eyes, making Zane even more nevous.

"Who are you and what do you want?"

"A horse and Zane Legends." Zane replied in a reflex.

"So Zane... Why do you want my horse?" Every minute her stare became less welcoming.

"I need it because it's the last one on earth. It's very important for..."

The women interrupted him and whispered: "No, you can't have my horse."

"Is there really no way we could make a deal?" He said, immediatly followed by: "I have money."


"Your horse it very impo-"


"I don't rea-"

"Leave" She said for the third time and she started getting her shotgun ready.

"You have very nice eyes." Zane tried desperate.

The women smiled and replied: "Nice try, but no."

She got her shotgun and brought the stock down on Zane's head.

He had now time to react and everything became black.

When Zane woke up he found himself laying down in the grass. He still was in the Mongolian grasslands and he still didn't have a horse. But he did still have his life and supprisingly his money. He now had a choice: Going back or leaving without horse. As he made his decicion he was reminded that the women did look stunning and she was probably single.

He tried again.

Genre: Science Fiction
Setting: In a small town/village
Character: Animal