By: Trashtalk

Some people have a knack for finding strange things. Strange things always seem to find Zane Legends. As today, for example. He knew what he signed up for, but this was the last thing he had expected.

"sausages!" He thought as he walked into the American Ambassy. He knew this meeting was necessary, but he still didn't look forward to it.

He gave the name people knew him for around here and went into a conference room. As he sat down a tall man entered the room. Zane estimated the man around his thirties, the man was balding and it looked like he tried to conseal it, dispite his efforts without much success. Zane also knew the man's name: Harold Striker. A heroic name for a not so heroic man. Nevertheless he did need his help.

Harold started talking: "So Zane, it seems like you need my help, don't you?" His disgust was clearly intelligible as he spoke Zane's name.

Zane ignored it and replied: "Yes Harold, in fact I do."

Harold grinned. "Well if you say to me what the problem is, I might help you... for a price of course."

Zane wanted to rip his head from his body but he kept calm.

"I need your help to get in the Pentagon." Zane said as neutral as possible.

For a few seconds this revelation had Harold astonished, but he quickly regained his flair.

"That is impossible"

"No it isn't, and you can help me get in."

"Whatever you want me to do, this is going to cost you more than just money."

"What do you want?" He tried to sound as patronizing as possible.

Not faced he replied: "I want to have information about the Bermuda Mission."

"That's top secret... And why do you even wanna know?"

"My wife died in that mission."

Zane thought about this revalation for a second. He doubted that this was the actual truth, but in the line of work they were in, anything could happen. Zane decided that he had no choice either way so he made a decision.

"I tell you about the Bermuda Mission, but let us first have a nice dinner."

"Can't we just discuse everything now?" He said eagerly.

"Have a little patience Harold, I just wanted to know if we can cooperate."

Zane stood up and left the non discriptive conference room. As he left the American Ambasy he smiled. Everything happened according to plan. He hadn't said a lot to Harold, but enough to make him think.

He had known from the beginning that the room was bugged. He had also known that Harold would warn the Pentagon right away, he was very predictable in that sense. He was setting them up from the start. He just needed to feed some more false information to Harold. It would cause enough chaos to make everyone at the Pentagon paranoid. And eventually, when the time was right, he would present himself as a security advisor or something. And he would hack the system. Zane would finnally get the truth. And the truth was what he needed, desperatly.

Genre: Crime
Setting: In a government building
Character: Tall/large person