A Wise Fool.

By: Trashtalk

Some people have a knack for finding strange things. Strange things always seem to find Zane Legends. This time he found himself in the middle of the baren wasteland. Dryed out and compleetly exhausted he found shadow in the middle of the church. He wasn’t shore why this village was so deserted. Until suddenly he knew. Water! The one thing he so desperatly needed. There was no water. Nothing! Not even a well to support his idea that it once was here, He didn’t see one on his way over here. The church was the coolest place in the village thanks to its cold marmer floorplates. He sat down at one of the benches. He sighed. He was so hungry, so thirsty. Water! He sat there for a while and a few houres went by. Until he suddenly heard a quiet stumble. He grabbed his revolver and was sad that there was only one bullet left. Bullets! The stumble became louder. He turned around to see a man standing in the back of the church. nothing more than a silouet, as it still was very bright outside. As the man came closer, he saw clearer what the man looked like. It was an old man with a full grown beard and grey deep eyes. He also noticed something else about the man. Het walked very slowly and continuesly grapped on to the benches while moving forward. Zane was confused. This isn’t normal, he thought. Zane quietly whispered: “What the hell”. As he said this the man started walking faster and spoke with a cracky voice aged by the life in a dessert. “So that’s how you great me, young boy.” Zane started lifting his gun. “I don’t know what you mean, Old man!” He said. The old man continued his story: “pleas put that gun down, boy. There is already enough hostility in this new world.” He paused a second to calm his heart. “And can I sit down please?” Zane was puzzeled by this politeness and lowered his gun. Zane was not a hostile person. At least he didn't think he was, so he let the man sit next to him.

After a short introduction Zane knew that Tom Hassel once was a great sharpshooter until something terrible happend: He lost sight in his eyes. He says it was a curse called upon him by a leader an Indian tribe. Zane was sceptical about this though. But how would he know for shore? The man also gave him some food, he had hidden in his clothing. But sadly for Zane: No water. Water! He felt like al the food in his stomach would just come out if he didn’t had some water with it. He maneged to swallow it, but his tongue was twice the normal size and he was worried. He asked Tom about it. He laughed: “boy, you should have learned this when you came her.” Tom slowly started moving outside. Zane followed him confused. How could he possibly find water if there wasn’t even a well. When outside the church the man asked him: “Do you see a cactus?” Zane answered: “Yes, I see a few in the distant. So what?” Tom continued: “Bring me to them, you fool! I’m blind remember?” Impatiently he walked the old man to the cacti. Tom didn’t say a word but started smashing in one cactus with his machetee. “Look” he said “this will keep you alive in every dessert.” Zane was amazed. “The used to tell me that stuff is poisionous!” He replied. Tom chuckled. “It’s your choise if you want to stay alive, Zane.” Zane looked at the old man. One part of him thought this man was compleetly crazy, another part declared this man as a wise master he could learn from. Than he suddenly wispered: “I can learn a lot from you old fool.” Tom heard it and wanting to have the last word in this talk: “Damn right you are!” He laughed.

Genre: Western
Setting: In a church
Character: Blind person