Food Sciences

By: SkittyTheKilla

Zane pushed his way through the old stainless steel doors of his friend’s lab. He shivered, pulling his leather jacket close as a burst of cold air leaked from the room. His friend always insisted on keeping the lab as cold as possible to not kill any valuable test subjects, or so Zane assumed.

“Hello?” Zane called, his voice echoing in the vast room before him. “Nisovin? Are you here? You said you had something you wanted to talk about…”

Zane closed the door behind him and began his search for his ancient friend. He weaved and ducked past expensive looking equipment. Zane often found himself imagining Nisovin as a mad scientist, but the image never truly stuck.

“Zane?” A voice called out, followed by a loud metallic thunk.

“Yeah? Dude… Are you alright?”

“Just… Just stay over there, and whatever you do, don’t touch anything,” Nisovin grumbled.

“Sure thing…” Zane called back. He knew better than to cross Nisovin, let alone ignore a request from him.

Zane let his eyes wander to the rows upon rows of multicolored test tubes on a near by testing station. They were arranged by color to create a fluorescent rainbow. Zane leaned in closer to the mystery liquids, until his face hovered only an inch above the rims of the glass test tubes. They seemed to give off the scent of Zane’s favorite candies and fruits, enticing him to pick one up.

He caught himself only seconds before his fingers touched one of the tubes filled with an icy blue liquid. He hadn’t realised that he was reaching for it, until it was almost in his grasp. “Strange,” he muttered, putting his hands in his pockets, so he could keep better track of them.

Zane forced himself to look beyond the rainbow liquids for his source of entertainment while he waited. He began scouring the lab once more, hoping to see something that had little to no chance of actually killing him.

He passed cages filled with colorful birds, and other tropical creatures. Zane even managed to find a terrarium that held an albino snake with two sheet white heads. However, knowing Nisovin, Zane knew better than to stick his hand into one of the cages, in case they’d attack.

Eventually Zane moved on from the miniature zoo, and began his quest to find the mini fridge. He retraced his steps back to the front of the lab. After all his visits over the years, Zane still didn’t quite know his way around the clutter. All he could remember was that there was a fridge to the right of the main entrance, because he remembered seeing it, and regretting not grabbing a snack the last time Nisovin invited him over.

Zane was glad to see that the old appliance was still there, humming angrily, but still there. Half expecting the handle to unscrew, he opened the mini fridge’s door. Waiting patiently on the other side sat a turkey sandwich. It was cut in two, like how a mother would make for her child’s lunch, and laid gently on a fine china plate. “I’ll just take a half,” Zane promised himself, and before he had known it, he had eaten all of it.

“Zane!” Nisovin’s voice echoed off the many pieces of heavy machinery. “I finished what I was working on,” Nisovin chuckled, appearing from behind a large desk. “Would you like to-” the old man’s voice cut off as he stared Zane over.


“Zane… Please tell me you didn’t eat the sandwich that was in the fridge,” Nisovin groaned.

“Wait, I’m not going to die now, am I? Was it poisonous? Smoked sausages! Why would you put a poisonous sandwich in the fridge?!” Zane yelled, grabbing the old scientist’s lab coat collar.

“It’s not going to kill you,” Nisovin sighed, brushing off Zane’s hands like they were nothing. “Though, I might. That was my lunch.”