Worth It

By: Rip

Some people have a knack for finding strange things. Strange things always seem to find Zane Legends.

Zane took a deep breath, steeling himself for what he must do. There was no way around it, though not for lack of trying. However, his mission was clear and he really couldn't let something so trivial as this compromise it.

Most people would wither with embarrassment under similar circumstances, but Zane most certainly was not most people. In fact, he found the small group of onlookers that had gathered to be a pleasant distraction from the incredibly unpleasant task he must now undertake, and even the mocking jeers of the teenagers were a welcome diversion.

Zane took a step back and a deep breath, eyes fixed on the ground. He tried to focus on the confused, bemused, speculative conversation of his little audience; anything to block out the terrifying, rhythmic hum emanating from the...cursed thing, mere yards away.

He crouched down, assuming a sprinter's stance. His arms shook a bit, but the sound of a little boy laughing at him strengthened his resolve. He shook his head, and took another deep breath. He could do this. He had to do this. A new movement in the crowd caught his eye.

Oh no.

He had to do this NOW.

"Hey, bud-"

The security officer's words were like a starting gun; before he could get the third syllable out Zane was off like a shot.


"sssssssaaaAAAAAAUUUUSSSSSAAAAAAGGGGGEEEEEEEESSSSsssss!!!" Zane screamed as he sprinted with all of his might past the escalators, both hands clapped firmly over his eyes. Terrified pedestrians leapt out of his way as he barreled past, miraculously avoiding the kiosks that lined the centre of the wide aisle.

"HEY, STOP!" The security guard yelled, setting off after Zane a bit belatedly.

Sensing he had passed the first major hurdle, Zane opened his eyes again but didn't slow down. He hadn't been intending on this turning into a foot pursuit, but it was too late for that now. He had come so far, had endured so much. He would see this through.

Fortunately his destination wasn't too much further, and he skidded to a stop with an actual screech, leaving streaks of black rubber from his soles in his wake. He allowed himself a quick glance back at his pursuer, and was relieved to see him briefly waylaid by a mother pushing a twin stroller.

In one swift, fluid movement he whipped out his wallet and lunged at the counter.

"ONEMONSTERBUNWITHEXTRAICINGPLEASE" He barked his order out as one word, causing the poor part-time employee to recoil in fear.

"Uhm...could you, like, repeat that...?"

Zane cast a frantic look over his shoulder. There were no longer any obstacles between himself and the security guard was closing in fast. Zane panicked. He chucked his wallet at the employee and scrambled over the counter to claim his prize. As soon as it was within his grasp, however, he was yanked back violently by the collar.

Zane looked up into the furious, beet-red face of the mall cop and smiled awkwardly, clutching the massive cinnamon bun to his chest.

"K..keep the change!" He called out to the thoroughly traumatized Cinna-Mon employee as he was dragged out a nearby fire exit and booted unceremoniously to the curb. He sighed, looking down at his precious cargo. That was the last Cinna-Mon in the state he wasn't banned from...

Totally worth it. Zane thought as he sat down on the curb and happily began stuffing his face.

Genre: Drama
Setting: In a store
Character: Angry person