By: Rip

Some people have a knack for finding strange things. Strange things always seem to find Zane Legends.

Zane had a rough week at work. She decided to spend her Friday evening just wandering around downtown, see where the night takes her. She only lived a few blocks from the nightlife district, but that short walk was more than enough to set her stomach growling. First order of business: Food.

Her search didn't take long, but what she discovered was awfully conflicting. Zane found herself standing before The Cathedral, with a hefty moral dilemma on her hands. The Cathedral was a themed bar in the heart of the city, and she had spent years detesting the concept of a nightclub that parodied various religions. She wasn't particularly religious herself, but she certainly didn't care if others were and to just outright mock them by flaunting their taboos wasn't her style. That being said...

Zane bit her knuckle, staring at the sign.

"Eve's Night! Free Appetizers and 1/2 priced drinks for all Original Sinners, 5-9pm!"

Four hours of free food was too much temptation to resist. Whatever, she thought, looking up at the admittedly convincing faux-stained glass windows and arches motif of the club. She'd just eat her fill of free food then go find a less intolerant establishment to spend money on.

The interior of the club was decorated with the same attention to detail as the exterior, and their dedication to the theme extended to the staff. Zane found a quiet seat in a small, two person booth near the bar, and watched the staff interacting with the patrons with no shortage of bemusement. The bartender was dressed as a priest, and Zane couldn't help but chuckle to herself when she saw him 'bless' a drink after mixing it. It was all still pretty iffy, but she couldn't fault them for lack of trying at least.

"Hi there, did you want to order something?" Zane snapped out of her musing and looked up at the source of inquiry.

"Oh, sausages..." She gasped.

"Uhm, sorry? I don't think we serve those. Did you need a menu?"

Zane gaped at the waitress, then nodded dumbly. The waitress gave her a little smile and leaned over the table, pulling the menu that was already sitting there into Zane's view.

"Here you go, sweetie. My name's Alicia, but you can call me Sister. Let me know when you're ready to order something."

Zane couldn't help but stare as she walked away. She may have been almost completely obscured by the full, rather convincing nun's habit, but what little Zane could see was absolutely stunning. She fumbled with the menu, feeling a little embarrassed by the whole situation. To fall for such a cheesy stereotype like that in such an iffy place like this...

She looked up and saw Alicia leaning against the bar, watching her. The 'Sister' gave a little smile and a wink when their eyes met, the little blue stud set in her cute little nose sparkling in a way that just about took Zane's breath away.

Well...maybe I shouldn't be so quick to pass judgement, she thought, motioning the waitress over.

Genre: Romance
Setting: In a bar
Character: Religious figure