Halloween Hijinks

By: MrPuffer32

Some people have a knack for finding strange things. Strange things always seem to find Zane Legends. In this case, though, Zane was almost asking for trouble. 11:49 P.M. on October 31st, Halloween night. He'd been trick-or-treating for almost two hours now, usually doing some odd parkour-ish leap over railings to avoid stairs, to get the delicious, delicious candy. He'd been masquerading as a pirate for over two days now, in preparation for tonight's looting and pillaging of precious candy.

He'd lost track of his thoughts. He'd need just a few more houses, and he'd finally have a full bag of candy! He wandered into an alleyway with high walls made of brick, candy bag slung over his shoulder, sword in hand, when a fellow sea captain leaped out from behind a dumpster.

"Avast, ye hearty!" The swashbuckler said, swooshing his sword through the air.

"Avast, to ye as well, fellow sea-rat!" Zane said, proud to share his pirate lingo with another.

"Now, I got a question to ask ye..." the pirate said, moving in close to Zane.


"Are ye willing to give up ye booty, in exchange for yer life?" The pirate asked, grinning devilishly.

"What- I- No!" Zane said, clutching his treasured bag closer.

"Well, then ye'll have to battle me!" the pirate laughed, throwing his head back. The pirate drew his sword, the metal glinting in the moonlight.

The pirate slashed his sword at Zane, but he jumped back in fright. Zane brandished his sword at the pirate, slowly backing up. The pirate went in for an stab, but Zane parried to the left, knocking the pirates' sword into the wall with a clang.

The pirate sliced from above, and Zane tumbled backwards, slamming his back into the ground, sword clattering to the dirty concrete behind him, and Zane losing grip on his candy bag.

"I've got ye now, ye scoundrel!" the pirate hollered. The pirate lunged for the candy bag, and grabbed a hold while Zane took his sword and stood up. The pirate bolted, heading for the opposite end of the alleyway.

Zane sprinted after him, and leapt up onto the dumpster the pirate hid behind, then jumped off the edge towards the pirate, slamming down onto his back. The pirate collapsed under the force of the impact, knees buckling under him, hitting the ground hard with an audible oopmh.

Zane picked up his sack of candy and ran to the end of the alleyway, seeing rows of houses in front of him. Zane smiled as he had a wonderful idea to complete his night, and fill his bag of candy.

He darted out of the alley and ran for the house in front of him at full speed. He ran to the doorway and knocked twice, applying basic Halloween manners, then slammed the door open, loudly yelling "TRICK OR TREAT!" to a couple of surprised occupants. He heard the pirate shouting after him, footsteps pounding on the pavement, so he quickly found the residents' bowl of candy, dumped it into his sack and ran out the open back door of the house into their back yard.

Zane looked around the backyard, seeing an old wooden playset with a slide, a fence encompassing the yard, and a sandbox. Suddenly, the pirate burst through the doorway, panting heavily. Zane came to the realization that he was rapidly running out of options. Zane bolted towards the playset, scampering up the slide, and leaping the fence, hitting the ground running.

The pirate let out an anguished cry, knowing he was defeated, and his prize lost. Zane ran through the neighborhood, adrenaline still pumping, back to his home. He unlocked the front door, set down his candy, and climbed into his bed, not bothering to take off his costume, falling asleep.

A while later, Zane's roommate slid open the back window, climbed in and took off his pirate costume. He snuck into Zane's room, stole a piece of candy from his sack, and left. He went to bed happy, knowing his Halloween adventure was over.

Genre: Thriller
Setting: In a dark alley
Character: Pirate