Sushi Issues

By: MrPuffer

Some people have a knack for finding strange things. Strange things have a knack for finding Zane Legends.

Zane was walking in on the docks. He had decided he wanted to go get some sushi, and the best place to do that was the beach. He kept walking, until he finally spotted his destination: Hanzeku's Sushi. Hanzeku was a Japanese salesman that moved to the US to find a better life. He had a big, burly build, a long, black beard, and almost no hair whatsoever on his head. Zane walked up to the store, and opened the door. "Hey, could I have an order of six California rolls, please?" Zane asked the man, digging money out of his pocket.

Hanzeku turned around and yelled, "CALIFORNIA ROLLS? HOW DARE YOU!" and pounded on the counter.

"I-uh... what?" Zane stuttered.

"Of all the people to order California rolls, I didn't expect it to be you, Zane. What a shame..." Hanzeku said, grabbing a large sushi knife from the counter.

"Oh. Sausages!" Zane turned around and ran. He heard Hanzeku yelling as the giant salesman jumped the counter, rampaging down the docks after Zane.

Zane ran down the docks as fast as he could. He passed shop after shop, pushing aside customers and tourists with a quiet, panicked apology. No one else seemed to notice the raging sushi seller pounding against the wooden dock, and the behemoth of a man seemed to pass right through the wandering crowd.

"I WILL MAKE YOU BUY MY OCTOPUS, ZANE!" Hanzeku yelled. No one looked at him.

"Over my dead body!" Zane yelled. He realized afterwards, that probably wasn't the smartest thing to say to a man holding a giant knife, but you know, hindsight being 20/20 and all that.

Then Zane saw his escape: a ramp. Zane had passed staircase after staircase leading down to the beach, but each made him inwardly shudder at the horror. He ran down the ramp onto the beach, tripping slightly when his feet hit the sand. He ran towards the water.

Zane had an idea. A stupid, dangerous, horrible idea, but an idea nonetheless.

He ran into the surf, a small wave crashing against his ankles. He turned back towards the ramp, where Hanzeku was standing.

"You always bought the most boring sushi, Zane! These California rolls are the last straw!" Hanzeku yelled, spit flying from his mouth.

"Well you always had the worst sushi!" Zane yelled back.

Hanzeku roared, and began barreling towards Zane, who was still in the water.

Zane watched Hanzeku fly towards him. Forty feet... thirty feet... twenty feet... ten feet...

Zane jumped sideways as Hanzeku barreled into the water. Zane jumped to the right, and shoved the already off-balance man further into the water. The knife went flying out of Hanzeku's hand, as he fell face-first into the water.

Zane pushed the man underwater, but a giant, meaty hand grabbed him and flipped him underwater, pushing his back against the sand. He saw Hanzeku's angry, seething face above his as he struggled to lift the hand on his chest. Zane started to lose consciousness as he ran out of air, when a giant wave came out of nowhere and slammed Hanzeku in the face, knocking him off of Zane.

Zane got lifted up and thrown onto the beach, and crawled onto his hands and knees, coughing up water. He stood up and saw Hanzeku sprawled out on the beach, and he was... dissolving? Zane stood up and walked over to the man, and saw his feet turning into sand!

"You wretched sushi mongrel," Hanzeku choked out. His legs were beginning to turn into sand too.

Zane looked on as the man turned into sand, it reaching his torso now.

The dissolving man coughed, and his face cracked, like glass, and turned into sand.

All that was left was a pile of sand and a business card, that read, "Solomon's Sushi".

Zane picked it up, and walked back up the ramp and onto the dock. He looked back, where Hanzeku's Sushi was previously, and instead, there was a sign that read, "Solomon's Sushi". Zane sighed, and decided he didn't want sushi anymore.

Genre: Thriller
Setting: On a beach
Character: Salesman