By: RebekahWSD

Some people have a knack for finding strange things. Strange things always seem to find Zane Legends. Zane would have called the building she was in less strange and more dreary than anything else. For all the money the colonies had sent back, they could have at least built a nicer courthouse, she thought with a sigh. At least they had made sure everything important was all on the first floor. She had argued about how deadly stairs were, and she was afraid that no one had listened. Luckily, they seem to have taken her warning to heart.

Frowning, she snapped her umbrella closed, opening the heavy doors into the courthouse. The doorman quickly grabbed the door from her, opening it more so she could walk in, as well as she could hindered by her wide bustle.

She was here for a singular purpose. To talk to Edmond Dantes about a possible sea voyage. Dantes was a well to do sailor, fresh from a merchant ship, and a political figure of some importance once he had started making his way into various social circles. She was hoping he was willing to sell his vessel since he seemed to be enjoying his life on land these days.

Murmuring to herself, she made her way to the small, empty office they had agreed to meet at. While they could meet in either of their respective homes, the court house was better. If they did agree to the sale, they could go right over to a clerk and sign the deeds today, which was most agreeable.

“Greetings Lady Legends,” Edmond said, bowing deeply to her as she entered the room. She wrinkled her nose at him, making a soft tch sound under her breath.

“Really, Edmond? Call me Zane.” Edmond pondered this for a moment before grinning at her.

“Of course, Lady Zane,” he said, amused as she muttered sausages under her breath. Everyone knew how much she disliked all the Lady this and Lady that nonsense people gave to her. It was one of the major reasons why she was hoping to buy his ship and get out of the city for a good long time.

He sat down on his chair, almost flouncing. Zane sighed softly before pulling out the wax sealed lambskin folder she had brought with her.

“As you already know, I am hoping to purchase you r vessel from you. It's a fine vessel with a good history, and I'm sure it'll serve my purposes well...” she said before trailing off. Dante was nodding as though listening, but seemed intent on giving a note to a passing clerk instead. The clerk grabbed the note before reading it, nodding at the two of them before leaving.

“What was that about?” she said, face turning into a dark frown.

“Do not worry my Lady. Just a surprise for you when we're done here,” he said, grinning as her frown deepened at the word Lady again. “I fully agree my ship would suit your needs. I think the price we talked about briefly yesterday would be more than adequate. I am late to a meeting with my fiance though, so I shall sign the paper, and leave you with your gift?” he said before taking the papers from her, signing over the ship in a flourish before leaving the room, but not before bowing to her once last time.

She blinked, staring down at the papers she held. She hadn't quite expected it to go quite so easily. Almost nothing went that easily in such times, all the power plays and struggles she expected...for naught.

Her attention was grabbed when she saw the clerk return, setting a large silver platter on the table.

“A gift from the Count Dantes, to celebrate the agreement,” he said before removing the lid.

An array of sweets was on the platter, making her eyes glow with excitement. It seemed Dantes had done some research to know how much so dearly enjoyed sweets. Sweets were so expensive, having to wait for sugar to be transported from the New World, but she'd be able to get some sugar herself now, with this fine ship if she had her way.

As soon as the clerk left, she gorged herself on the candies, carefully putting the lid back onto the empty tray as she left the room, getting all the papers signed by the clerk, giving her legal ownership of the vessel.

“I do hope Dantes continues to do well in life,” she said idly to herself as she left the courthouse.

Genre: Historical
Setting: In a government building
Character: Political leader