Ham Sandwich

By: ShifuSheep

Some people have a knack for finding strange things. Strange things always seem to find Zane Legends. Sometimes strange people find him, too.

Zane was in his kitchen looking for a midnight snack when he heard soft taps on the back door. He had barely taken a bite out of his ham sandwich when he put it down and clumsily shuffled to the door.

At the door was a child. She couldn't have been older than 10. Her brown hair was a long braid, and she had a heavy purple dress.

"This is for you." She said as she presented Zane with a box of chocolates.

"Sausages! For me?" He opened up the box and popped three of the chocolates into his mouth.

"Mmm, these are great. Wait, but why are you visiting at midnight, and why did you come... through the back..." Suddenly, Zane felt his eyes grow heavier. He dropped the box and dropped to the ground soon after. Everything went dark.

"Wake... Wake... Wake up!" Yelled the girl.

"Ham Sandwich!" Yelled Zane as he quickly sat up. He immediately slumped back down. "Huh? Where am I? Who are you? What the... What?"

"I'm so sorry I had to do that, but I had no choice!" Said the little girl.

Zane propped himself up on his arm. He was laying on a bed of pillows in a messy room. Books were strewn everywhere. There didn't seem to be any electronics, and the room was made of dark wood. There were huge circular windows that streamed in beams of sunshine?

"What is this, some sort of library? And who are you?"

"I'm Meredith." Said the girl. "This is my school's library. The librarian's away right now, so we won't have to worry much about this mess. I can fix it with magic anyways." Meredith picked up a book and showed it to Zane.

"I found this book on you. Every time I read it, it's a different story. Each time, you seem so heroic and brave and... chivalrous! I thought... I thought you could help us with something."

Meredith walked across the room to scroll and read it aloud. "The chosen one shall bring the light / and help ye in the stormy fight / a Y shaped scar marks his head / Find the one, or all shall be dead."

"Chosen one? Me? I was about to make a ham sandwich, how could I be the chosen one?" Zane asked incredulously. Meredith shrugged.

"All I know is that YOU fit the description. I didn't bring you out of that story for nothing!" Meredith ran over to window and motioned for Zane to come over. Zane got up too quickly and became dizzy.

"Out there, there's a storm brewing. They say it comes from the Lindaegoes, the storm beasts. Except we don't know how to ward them. However, recently, this scroll appeared. We think it's the answer to our problems."

"Well, what do I do?" Asked Zane.

"Go out there and confront the beasts! Here." Meredith handed Zane another box of chocolates. "Eating these will help you out."

"This all seems very rushed." Zane said. "I mean, first im eating a sandwich, now in saving a world from storm beasts?"

"That's probably because the author is tired of all this dialogue. Now go out there and confront the Lindaegoes!"

Zane rushed through the school. He refused to go down the stairs, so he instead went out onto the bridge that connected the library wing to the alchemy wing. On the bridge, he could see the Lindaegoes more easily. They resembled horses, but they were made out of clouds. They circled the school and shot bolts of lighting to the ground below.

Zane ripped the box open and popped a chocolate into his mouth. He suddenly felt himself being lifted off the ground. It was as though he was as light as air. It was quite uncomfortable, so he popped another chocolate, hoping to change the feeling.

Sparks shot from his body as rays of sunshine illuminated the dark sky.

"Sausages, this is crazy!" Zane screamed as he lit up like a Christmas tree. He could see the gathering of magic students below cheering him on. I guess word spreads fast, thought Zane as he blasted beams of light into the Lindaegoes.

The reality that he wasn't sure how to stop floating dawned on him as he rose above the layer of weakened Lindaegoes. Zane frantically ate another three chocolates.

Zane felt all the air squeezed out of him, then he bloated and started falling like a rock. He was falling for less than 3 seconds when he was engulfed in a ball of light that exploded outwards. The Lindaegoes fleed from the display of raw power. Zane felt like he had just gone through a rollercoaster of magic.

"That was amazing!" said Meredith as she used magic to soften Zane's fall.

Zane proceeded to throw up on the bridge before asking Meredith to get him back to his home.

Zane woke up back at his house. The box of chocolates was still there, but he don't have the stomach to touch them.

Instead, he finished his midnight ham sandwich, then went to bed.

Genre: Fantasy
Setting: At a school
Character: Child