Charlie the Bichon Frise.

By: ShifuSheep

Some people have a knack for finding strange things. Strange things always seem to find Zane Legends. This time, quite a strange thing happened when Zane was walking his aquaintence's Bichon Frise, Charlie.

Zane decided to take a detour through the park and enjoy the sunshine. The park was oddly still, the only other human being a girl at the far end of the diamond shaped park feeding the birds. Zane walked leisurely down the path, stopping as Charlie sniffed flowers and barked at trees.

Zane heard a soft ruffling to his right and stopped, looking for the source of the sound. He noticed that the elderly man was gone. Ah, the man must have made that noise. Zane thought. But how'd he move so-- THUMP

Zane was knocked cold before he could move a muscle.

Zane woke up blind, a cloth tied around his eyes. He attempted to get up, but his arms were bound. "Sausages," he muttered, growing more uneasy by the second. He could hear water rushing by.

Suddenly, a door creaked open. Footsteps crawled towards him, sending chills up his neck. Zane could smell them, they were so close. Though all Zane could hear was his own breath.

"What do you want?" Zane whispered.


"What do you want?!" Zane yelled this time.

Suddenly, he heard heavy breathing, heavier than his own. Then, more footsteps. The cloth around his eyes loosened. He could see again. His captor stepped into his view.

She was a girl, probably a young adult. She had short auburn hair and hazel eyes. Her skin was pale. She wasn't gorgeous by any means, but she was okay. She was breathing as though she just ran a marathon.

Zane suddenly lost his anger. "Who.. who are--" She put her finger on Zane's lips, then pointed to her own mouth as she shook her head.

She couldn't speak.

She handed Zane a piece of paper. There were eraser marks all over it, and it was extremely crumpled. Zane tried his best to read it.

Hi, my name is Lilly. I've seen you many times before. On a boat, in a room, on the street, and, this time, in the park. I've always seen you, and I've seen you find strange things. This time, I found you. I've always been watching you, and I've always been curious about you. Your strange, heroic adventures. I wanted to be apart of your adventures. I can't speak, I never have been able to. But, I want you to tell me an adventure. Tell me about your scar. The Y shape one, on your forehead. I promise, I'll let you go. For now I have plenty of food you can eat, I know you love food. Tell me about your scar.

Zane was silent for a few moments before he said, "Fine, but it's quite a long story."

Lilly nodded enthusiastically, and Zane smiled as he began his story.

Zane told his tragic tale of his Y shaped scar. Lilly was fascinated. She never got much human interaction in her little cave under the river in the park, which is why she decided to capture Zane instead of, you know, talking to him.

They ate kiwis and pie and cookies. Zane spoke excitedly. He was giddy that he finally got a chance to tell his story.

At the end of the story. Lilly smiled and clapped. Zane gave a little bow. Then, Zane was blindfolded again. THUMP!

Zane woke up on a park bench, Charlie tied up near him. Near the dog was a bowl of water, a bowl of dog food, and a sign that said Please do not move dog!

A note was taped to his chest. It had two words, Thank you.

She was quite a sweet girl, thought Zane. Perhaps we could have been friends if she didn't kidnap me.

Genre: Thriller
Setting: At a park
Character: Mute