Beach Vacation

By: RebekahWSD

Some people have a knack for finding strange things. Strange things always seem to find Zane Legends. So when he had found himself on a tropical beach in the middle of what appeared to be a deserted town, he was going to take this much needed break.

As he sat down on the beautiful, rainbow hued sand, he sighed as he remembered why he had fled to this deserted town in the first place.

Well no. He hadn't really meant to flee here in particular, it was just not the capital. Which was very important, since the capital wanted his head on a platter after that unfortunate failed attempt at summoning a demon went awry.

It wasn't really his fault that the demon had gotten away and went on a rampage through the city. He hadn't made the summoning circle wrong, that had been his apprentices fault! Who he should have taught better, maybe...

But he had decided that fleeing was the better part of valor today, and had fled through the jungle surrounding the city. And while the journey had been quite perilous, he had managed to escape the army they had sent after him, finding himself on this tiny, beautiful beach all alone.

He hummed as he sat on the beach, staring at the sand that he was scooping up through his fingers, watching as it poured to the ground. In his hand, it seemed to be quite normal. Once it hit the ground, it became a myriad of bright, scintillating colours.

Not as alone as he thought however...

“YOOOUUUU!” a voice shouted, startling him quite badly. He sprung to his feet, hands working as he surrounded himself in a flimsy shell of magic. He was quite tired from the chase and it was all he could summon, but it would need to work. Staring around, he saw an incredibly disheveled woman staring at him, arm held out as she pointed at him.

“Oh sausages...” he said with a sigh. Why couldn't this brief stop at the beach have been peaceful?

“Youuuuu!” she shrieked again, continuing to point at Zane. Zane looked around, confused, hoping there'd be someone behind him. Unfortunately, there was only him.

Only him and this clearly crazy woman, as she charged at him, hugging him tightly. “It was foretold that you would come back, and release the horrors from their cages, so that the sky can sing again!” she said, blathering as she continued to hug him.

His eyes went wide before he disentangled himself from her, holding her at an arms length. “Uh, I am not here to release any horrors into the world at all!” he said nervously. Surely she couldn't be talking about the demon? He was quite far from the city, she shouldn't have seen the disaster from here.

As she continued to blather despite the setback of not being able to hug him, he relaxed. She was clearly insane, and making no sense.

“You are to summon the great beasts of the sea and land and sky, and summon down the immortal fire rain! And use it to purge the world of it's beauty so it may start anew and become even more!”

Zane sighed as he released his hold on her. She rocked back and forth, looking at him expectantly.

“” he managed to say before he flinched back as she growled at him, teeth sharpening.

“YOU WILL CLEANSE THE EARTH AND SKY OF THE TINY BIRDS THAT SHRIEK!” she said, shrieking herself as she continued to change, body elongating, fur growing.

“Okay, you're a werewolf. A crazy one. Time to flee again, sausages...” he said as he started to run once more, fleeing the now half transformed angry, crazy werewolf.

He normally got along swimmingly with werewolves. Just not the crazy ones.

If only he could have one nice, boring day at the beach...he'd have to remember where this beach was, it was quite beautiful.

Genre: Fantasy
Setting: On a beach
Character: Insane person